«You’ve been tagged!» (english version)

My friend Maud tagged me with his meme titled (as you can guess) «you have been tagged». The rules are:

1. Write about how much addicted you are towards something.
2. Don’t forget to include the percentage of addictedness towards those things.
3. As long as the total of percentage must reach 100%….
4. You MUST tag others and continue tagging but please don’t forget to explain the rules and please notify the person so that they will know that they have been tagged by you…

After thinking a lot (naah, only 10 minutes :P) I knew that my main addiction (the people who know me can ensure that) is stay in front of a PC all day. So, in the top of the list, I got:

a. Internet (I’m cyberadict 😛 get a life!): 85%

(The percentaje is really greater than that, but for statistical reasons let’s leave it as is 😉 ).

The following item can be by courtesy of Clark:

b. Laziness (and procrastination): 10%

Let’s face it: if the dictionary could include a picture defining laziness, that would be my face :P. Anyways, as state a popular saying: «la pereza es la madre de todos los males… pero como madre, hay que respetarla» (something like «the laziness is the mother of all vices, but as a mother we must respect her») 😀

c. Music: 4%

Yes! I like to listen music a lot! In fact, while I’m working I’m always listening some music (I concentrate better if there is noise in the environment), and in my (long) way back home my Sansa is my loyal partner. As a peculiar thing I can’t dance because I can’t coordinate the music rythm with body movements (well, that’s a motoricity problem and that’s another history 😛 )

And finally,

d. Other: 1%

The reason to include this item is that I’m too lazy to think in another addictions (look item b.) 😛

In summary, courtesy of Excel:

By the way, the header image has its meaning 😛 I want to put something related to the post, but after an «extensive» research in «St Google» I decided to make my own image (awww I’m inspired!). Anyways, that’s me «tagged» by Maud, whose tag appears represented as a Ubuntu sticker. A copy of the installation CD of that OS can be requested over the Internet and are sent by MediaMotion, a company of Netherlands (here is a picture of the CD envelop). Maud is from Netherlands, so that’s how everything fits here 😀 (The truth is that the Ubuntu sticker was the only thing that I’ve in hand :P).

So, I’m done, in both English and Spanish :D. I wish to tag Lolo (who reopened recently her «Miscelánea»), Carolina (who still owes me my pineapple prize 😛 ) and Alejo, as a reason to put something new in his blog 😛


– Andrés M.

Una respuesta a ««You’ve been tagged!» (english version)»


This is GOOD.
No wait,
Really Andrés… jajajaja. What a GREAT addcitions. I love them. You cyberrobot! No I understand what made you feel so, eehmmmm unhuman… hahaha. (Kidding, kidding)And laziness… wow, that’s very similair to one of my character parts… espeically when it’s about studying for exams when I am totally NOT interested. I can be so LAZY. Haha.

I liked this post really much. Especially because finally I could understand it. (YES your English is FINE!)
Anyways Mr. CyberLazy, got to go,

Luck with your next post, although I am sure it will take some months for the new one to arrive, since you are… well a bit… lazy… jajajaja


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